This is not just weight loss. This is life gain.

It takes a lot of energy to remain where you are and live a life that's conflicted...

One day you wake up and wonder who you are, how did you get like this and are you stuck there forever? You've tried and spent money on other programs only find their "success stories" feature people who have lost a few pounds in a very short period of time. That's great, but you've got WAY more than a few pounds to lose or a lot of muscle you want to gain and you know deep in your heart that the way of eating and training you're seeing in this program isn't something sustainable. It's not how anyone can live long-term.

You're tired. Tired of not doing things you used to like to do. Hiding from cameras. You remove tags from social media pictures you're in. Miss that high school reunion you'd love to attend. 

Like I said, it all takes a lot of energy to live like this. So why not put that energy to good use? Put it to use on building discipline, healthy habits and a strong body!

I'm Stephanie Kelly and I've been there.

I remember each of these three photos very well. I weighed 265 pounds at my heaviest and stayed there for about ten years. 

On the left was me taking yet another "Before" pic and thinking, "Why even try? We know how this will all end." Middle was at a relay race with my friends where I thought training would make the weight melt off - except I didn't really train much and the only thing that melted was the ice cream I ate every night. I only walked about 1/4 mile before giving up and letting my friend do my leg. I was so demoralized, hurt and feeling ashamed for not doing my part. And finally, on the right was volunteering at a race that my entire family did WITHOUT me. Once again, I thought I'd do the race but couldn't finish due to being out of shape. I wanted to badly to finish and be a good role model for my three daughters, but I couldn't do it.

I wasn’t always overweight. In my youth I was a competitive gymnast, school dance team member for years and then group fitness instructor and trainer after college. My health was important to me, I ate well and got a lot of exercise and I kept my weight at a healthy number.

In June of 2002 not long after giving birth to my third daughter, my father committed suicide. We had a strained relationship at the time and I never got the chance to reach out to him and make things right. Slowly the grief and guilt I felt about this led me to begin a pattern of emotional eating. I ate to suppress my feelings and eventually I ate to punish myself. Deep down I didn’t feel like I deserved to be healthy, attractive or happy. I was also a fitness professional and gym owner, so tipping the scales at 265 pounds was not only extremely unhealthy, it was completely unprofessional of me and embarrassing.

I find that those of us who get very overweight and out of shape all share some sort of trauma or difficulty that sets us on this path. We don't love food, we hate it and we use it to abuse ourselves.

I had come to the realization that I hadn’t hit rock bottom – I was EXISTING there and I had been for years. I couldn’t accept that any longer. In 2015 I got real with myself, got busy and lost 140 pounds. I had to prove to myself that I WAS a great trainer and coach. 

I've used everything I learned along the way to build this program because, honestly, I can't stand the thought of ANYONE living like I did all those years.

What Is Balanced Foundation Formula?

It's NOT a diet plan. 

It's NOT a workout plan. 

Those are elements of this program, but we all know diets and workouts don't work if your head and heart isn't in it and if you keep getting in your own way. 

 This is a LIFE plan. Be prepared to WORK and get your life, health and happy back!

Who is it for? 

People who feel their inner coach is quitting. Someone who is tired of making excuses and ready to hold themselves accoutable. Anyone who wants to let go of guilt and get in the driver's seat. 

Those of you who want to know what life feels like when you tell yourself, "I am not deprived, I am disciplined."

I know you're out there and I'm ready to help!

What You'll Get - 8 Weeks of:

  • Exercise (both gym and home options) and suggested meal plans
  • Videos to help you stay motivated
  • Weekly journal worksheets to guide you and keep you focused
  • Private, closed Facebook group for daily support
  • Weekly ZOOM group chats where you can share your success and get advice for when you are struggling
  • 8 weekly PDF's delivered to your inbox which give you a subject we are tackling that week and assignments
  • A coach who has changed her life and can help you change yours!

You'll learn how to "acknowledge every win". A strategy I was asked to share with Women's Health magazine in their 2017 New Year's resolution edition.

"You are never going to talk about who you used to be because you'll be so excited about who you are becoming."

Watch and listen.

So...are you ready to get started? 

© 2017